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Analysis of the working principle of weight sorter

Thank you for choosing Tuosi intelligent weight sorting machine weighing equipment. The weight sorting machine weighing function is to detect the net content of packaging products or to detect missing parts of packaging products. No matter what the situation is, it will affect the company more or make it unnecessary, while the weight sorter will handle the customer complaints caused by the product quality problems, automatically weigh, automatically remove the unqualified products, and improve the production line. Weighing power saves costs.

Scope of application (including but not limited to): bagged products, boxed products, bottled products, boxed products, etc.

Industry applications (including but not limited to): food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, aquatic industry, etc.

working principle

There are three sections of weight sorting machine: pace section, weighing section and removal section. Optional: storage section

1. Product pace section: The tested items are transported to the "speed section" through the front-end conveyor. After the speed matching of the speed section, the accuracy of product weighing can be more accurate, and the product and product can be directly The interval is pulled apart to prevent two products from passing at the same time, resulting in abnormal weighing data.

2. Product weighing section: Weighing detection is automatically performed when the product is sensed. The system detects and judges the product according to the preset "product weight value", automatically distinguishes qualified products, overweight products and underweight products, and then weighs The output weight value is fed back to the weighing system.

3, product removal section: work according to the signal given by the weighing system, the removal of unqualified products, qualified products do not move.

4. Storage section: Store the removed unqualified products. After the product is removed, the staff can't handle it in time, it can go through the storage section as a cache.

The weight sorter is in the form of a conveyor belt, which can be docked with various industry lines. The height can be customized and the device is convenient. The height of the conveyor belt off the ground can be determined and can be directly embedded in the assembly line.

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