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Application of weight sorting machine in real life

Tuosi intelligent weight sorting machine is widely used in food, daily necessities, chemicals, hardware, medicine, feed, printing, coal, cement, building materials, tobacco, clothing, electronics, rubber, toys, woolen spinning, wood processing and other industries. E.g:

1. Check whether the weight of the product is qualified and remove the non-conforming product-test whether the weight of a pack of instant noodles is within 99-100 grams, and check whether the product has reached the weight standard scale prescribed by China;

2. Check whether a box of products packed with multiple objects is missing-test whether a box of moon cakes contains more or less moon cakes; check whether a box of playing cards contains more or less cards; test a mobile phone Whether to install one less random accessory;

3. Zui will reduce excessive filling and save raw materials.

4. Product weight control. After the product weight detection and data feedback, accurate weight control of the product production equipment can be completed-a weight sorting machine is installed after the biscuit or moon cake production equipment, and the product weight is fed back to the product in real time. Biscuit production equipment, complete the precise control of raw material weight by biscuit production equipment, which can effectively save raw material costs, and control the weight error of a box of biscuits to a small scale;

5. Divide the products into different grades according to their weights-sort a cart of eel or chicken drumsticks according to multiple weight grades, and automatically enter the next production process based on the product weight classification.

6. Points, record the number of products in real time.

The company's core technical team is composed of multiple engineers who specialize in the development of dynamic weighing technology. After years of research and development of dynamic weighing technology, it has rich practical experience and has provided overweight for many enterprises' automated checkweighing technology transformation projects. The solutions developed by the company are stable and beautiful, and have been unanimously approved by customers at home and abroad.

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