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Brief introduction of Tuosi intelligent weighing and rejecting machine

Weighing and rejecting machine is a device that realizes high-speed, high-precision component detection and automatic sorting of light or overweight products. Tuosi Intelligent Weighing and Eliminating Machine provides you with a comprehensive and complete automatic weighing inspection solution plan. The combination of ultra-high-speed and high-precision plan ion data acquisition card and touch screen is used to ensure not only the high-speed characteristics of data acquisition and processing, but also the flexibility and convenience of PLC. The system controls quickly, and provides customers with closer to production needs and a more humane solution plan.

Take a 10 kg weighing and removing machine as an example:

First, the characteristics of the machine

1.Use power belt to transfer desktop

2.Select high quality Toledo load cells from Germany

3.Large-capacity product storage and abnormal records

4.A variety of automatic rejection devices are optional

5.Auto alarm + pneumatic rejection

6. Use three-color sound and light alarm system

7. Control method: PLC + touch screen + standard control button + signal switch, automatic / manual control mode

8. Able to find the fault point through the touch screen and easily troubleshoot

9. This series of products can be used online with computers and printers

10.Suitable for outer packaging check and reuse

11, standard machine, parts are available at any time

12, can be customized according to user requirements

Technical parameters

1. Model: ZYJZ-10

2. Detection width: 370mm

3. Table height: 620mm

4. Extreme speed: 26 m / min

5. Detection component: 1-10KG

6. Extreme accuracy: 10g

7.Detection method: automatic alarm + pneumatic rejection

8, control detection: OK within the upper and lower values, alarm detection outside the norm

9. Mechanical dimensions: (L) 1100 (W) 1700 (H) 1400mm

10. Power supply: 220V, 1∮, 50 / 60Hz

11. Mechanical weight: 220kgs

Third, the configuration instructions

1.PLC uses German Siemens brand

2.Touch screen selects German Siemens brand

3.The load cell uses Toledo brand

4.The gear motor is selected from Taiwan brand

5.The sensor uses the brands of Omron and Shike

6.Belt is selected from Germany Siegling brand

7.The low-voltage electrical equipment uses the French Schneider brand

8.The rolling surface of the drum is made of stainless steel

9. The whole frame is made of carbon steel, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.

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