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How to make the weight sorter industry better

First, we must implement the brand strategy of scales. Cultivate the weight sorting machine brand with technological innovation and product innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of each enterprise's products, and guide enterprises out of the vortex of vicious price competition. Changing the price war into a quality war and a technology war. Select high-tech to transform traditional industries, promote the method of adding enterprises from quantitative to quality, from extensive to intensive, and adhere to the continuous development of enterprises.

2. Actively expand the export of weight sorting machine products, and know that the participation in international competition is related to the strategic height of the enterprise's livelihood development. To expand product exports, promote the improvement of enterprise product design, process manufacturing, and handling levels, and promote the improvement of general quality of enterprises.

3. Strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation. Study and learn advanced foreign technology and management experience, pay attention to the introduction and development of key technologies, processes and equipment, and avoid low-level repeated production. Encourage foreign enterprises to set up factories through wholly-owned or joint ventures to improve the overall level of domestic weight sorting machines.

Fourth, break the regional, partial, and ownership divides, and on the premise of complementary advantages, complete the merger, merger, reorganization, and integration between east and west and between large and small enterprises. Support enterprises to carry out product structure adjustment and reorganization and transformation in the direction of professional development, restrain and screen "small and soil" and "small and poor" enterprises, and support "small and specialized", "small and refined", and "small and strong" "Enterprises constitute unique product systems and reasonable production patterns for different shopping malls, different levels, and different uses.

Fifth, promote talent strategy to an important position. We must lively focus on the needs of international competition, and in accordance with international standards, attract, cultivate and develop a team of science and technology and management personnel who have the responsibility to revitalize China's weight sorting machine industry and master modern science and technology.

6. Encourage and develop a useful alliance mechanism for the integration of production, learning and research, accelerate the production of scientific research systems with independent innovation talents, and seize the commanding heights in the field of weighing technology. Select well-founded and strong enterprises across the country, establish multiple corporate scientific research centers, and drive the construction of several provincial scientific research and development centers to form a reasonable work and scientific research layout. Rapidly transforming scientific and technological achievements, driving the development of the weight sorting machine industry, and promoting the new process of electronicization, informationization and intelligence of the weight sorting machine in China.

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