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Sharing tips for maintenance of weight sorting machine

Basic principles of weight sorter operation

1. The tested product enters the automatic checkweigher from one end of the assembly line, and is accelerated to the weighing section through the speed matching section;

2. During the movement of the tested product in the weighing section, the weighing machine sensor deforms under the effect of gravity, causing its impedance to change, output an analog signal, and output it to the weighing module analog-to-digital converter through the amplification circuit. , And quickly converted into digital signals and passed to the processor of the weighing module;

3. The processor of the weighing module amplifies and recognizes the weight signal. If the weight of the product exceeds the preset upper and lower weight values, the processor will output a rejection instruction to the rejection device on the rejection section, thereby removing the unqualified products from Move out on culling segment.

The weight sorting machine is specially used for the detection of overweight and underweight of products such as food, hardware, cosmetic masks, medicines, printed instructions, micro-hot pot materials, dumplings, noodles, etc.

Weight classification machine is a kind of high-precision online weighing equipment, which belongs to precision instruments. In order to extend the service life, you need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance when using it.

1. Whether there is a contact site, admit that there is no contact in the front and rear sections.

2. Set the parameters, and acknowledge whether the specification value, upper limit, and lower limit are set correctly.

3. The accuracy of the measurement, the same measuring product is transmitted more than 10 times from the auxiliary conveyor belt, and it is acknowledged whether the fluctuation is large.

4. Testing range, admitting that only the main product is transmitted, and then transmitting the test strip on the main product (transmitting the non-conforming product when there is no experimental piece), and separately admitting "no test" and "test".

Doing the maintenance of the weight classification machine can make the classification of food weight more and more useful.

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