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Show everyone what is a weight classifier

The automatic weight classifier is often used on the assembly line or where testing is needed. This automatic weight classifier from Shenzhen Tuoshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is very simple and convenient to use. Friends in need are welcome to come to our company for consultation. Shop it!

Automatic weight classifier function introduction:

①Stainless steel structure, control box. Conveying rack and load cell with stainless steel bearing option;

②The open structure provides an easy way to clean;

③ Agile and simple, no need to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean and clean;

④ The surface of the prototype cylinder and the control box can prevent the risk of product fouling and meet the sanitary requirements;

⑤IP-65 grade, with IP66 structure option.

⑥ Unique trapezoidal structure, eliminate bacteria carry, hygienic and easy to clean

The products of the automatic weight classifier are explained in detail:

The unique arch breaking function during the feeding process of the unique distributor ensures the excellent fluidity of the material.

The weighing unit is fully enclosed and has a dust-removal function. The diameter of the dust-removal mouth is enlarged, and the dust-removal effect is exerted to a greater extent.

Depending on the characteristics of the material and the application, the bag structure can be flat or round.

When the bagging operation is performed, a touch switch is used to start the weighing check device. After the check is completed, the switch does not need to be manually closed.

Use 0.2 level high precision sensor.

High-resolution appearance, high-speed A; / D; conversion, alarm function for weighing out of tolerance, zero out of tolerance, multiple standard data communication interfaces RS232 or RS22

In case of failure, the appearance of the failure category is displayed in code form to facilitate identification, maintenance and protection.

Checkweighing equipment with a section of conveyor and a sewing machine can become a compact combined checkweighing system

If it is necessary to frequently change the checkweighing position, it can be planned and manufactured as an integrated mobile combined structure (hand push type, electric type, vehicle type).

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