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The importance of weight sorters in the food industry

The use of weight sorting machines is very extensive, such as the size classification and quality inspection industry in the food industry. At present weight sorting machines are divided into two types: tray type and belt type. The tray type sorter is widely used in the slaughtering meat industry, and has high weighing accuracy and error of ± 0.5g. However, the tray type sorter is not suitable for use in assembly line work, and the belt type weight sorter is suitable for weight Detection or sorting.

Weight sorting machine is also called: automatic checkweigher, weight sorting scale, weight sorting machine. It is a medium-low-speed, high-precision online checkweighing device that can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems. It is mainly used to check whether the product weight is qualified online and whether there are missing parts in the package or product weight archive.

Online checkweighing has gradually become an indispensable link in modern industrial production, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The weight sorting machine finishes measuring the weight of the product during the conveying process of the product, and compares the measured weight with the preset scale, and the control box issues an instruction to remove the unqualified products or to change the weight scale. Products are delivered to designated areas.

The weight sorting machine is generally composed of a conveying organization, a sorting organization, and a weighing organization. In the meantime, the weighing organization completes the collection of weight signals and sends the weight signals to the control box for processing. The conveying organization must first improve the speed to ensure that there is sufficient distance between products. Sorting organizations are used to remove nonconforming products that have undergone testing.

The above uses are some of the conventional uses of weight sorters. The weight sorters can also be used in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, aquatic products, and dry goods.

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