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Analysis of the benefits of using checkweighers

Today, the editor of Shenzhen Topworld Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. introduced to us the eight major benefits of selecting and using automatic checkweighers:

One: The automatic checkweigher can control costs and achieve greater profits. If the cost is high, the profit will be reduced. If there is no equipment to detect the weight of the product, there will be inconsistencies, resulting in high raw material costs. The early investment checkweighing scale may be high, but in the later period, often two to three months or even a few weeks can achieve returns.

Second: zui big limit to ensure a high pass rate and win the trust of customers. The pass rate of the product determines the word of mouth of the customer, and the checkweigher has high accuracy, which can ensure that the product meets the requirements of relevant regulations, can meet the relevant internal requirements, and meet industry standards.

Three: Fully automated checkweighing, saving manpower. In the past, static balances were used for sampling inspections. The power of manual sampling inspections was too low and the error was too large. Relatively speaking, automated online weighing has dealt with the disadvantages of manual sampling. The biggest highlight is to reduce labor costs.

Four: Cut waste, add production. In the process of processing raw materials, inevitability will inevitably occur, but we must try our best to reduce the amount of waste materials to a minimum. High-precision checkweighers can sort unqualified products according to system parameters, reduce waste as much as possible, and then reduce Raw materials produce more products.

Five: Automatically calculate data. The automatic checkweigher completes the automatic calculation of product data and saves it for a long time. It can calculate for many different products without conflict.

Six: Reduce the false rejection rate and avoid the strict component deviation of rework. It is necessary to continuously improve the production quality, and then reduce the product waste and rework phenomenon. Effectively reduce and control the false rejection rate, the accuracy of automatic checkweighers is higher, and the requirements for setting the component partition are more reasonable.

Seven: Satisfied with the strict requirements of customers. As a tool for repeatability of the inspection process, the automatic checkweigher is an important factor in satisfying customers' strict requirements.

Eight: Good pre-sales and after-sales service, on-site installation and commissioning. Checkweighers are of high quality, with detailed understanding of the needs before sale, further customizing plans, signing contracts to start production, door-to-door, on-site installation and commissioning, which are worth the trust of our customers.

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