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How to effectively clear the faults of the weighing and sorting machine

We often encounter some faults when using the weighing and sorting machine. Some small faults can be cleaned up by ourselves. Some major faults will require technical staff. Let's take a look at some common faults. And how we should clean up.

1. The zero point is high. Solution: Regular maintenance and zero adjustment are needed.

2. The instantaneous flow fluctuates greatly. Solution: Align the conveyor belt with the center line of the idler.

3. Large measurement error. Solution: Check whether the scale body is firmly installed, whether the distance between the deflection roller and the weighing bridge is appropriate, whether the instantaneous flow is normal, and so on.

4, the school repeatability is not good on time. Treatment measures: If the speed signal of the automatic classifier is abnormal, the weighing signal is unstable. Check whether the load sensor terminals are in good contact.

5. No accumulated value under load. Solution: Organize the dust accumulation on the material box on the electronic belt scale body and keep the scale body clean.

6. The output value fluctuates frequently. Solution: Align the belt with the center line of the roller, replace the rotor gear, and then perform de novo calibration.

Many manufacturers now use weighing and sorting machines. This machine can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Our company provides us with high-quality products.

In order to make the weighing and sorting machine work well, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly so as not to drop the chain during work and then affect the work efficiency.

1. Clean weighing and sorting machine: After cutting off the power of the check weighing scale, unplug the power cord. Wet the gauze and wring it out, then dipped in a small amount of neutral cleaning solution to clean the weighing pan, the filter and other parts of the scale body.

2. Horizontal calibration: check whether the scale body of the weighing and sorting machine is normal; if it is skewed, you need to adjust the scale feet so that the weighing platform is placed at the center.

3. Initialization: The weighing and sorting machine has the functions of zero tracking and zero reset on startup. It removes foreign objects on the weighing pan to ensure that the scale is turned on and used when there is no wind around it. "Zero" key returns the scale to the zero position.

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