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What areas can be checked by automatic checkweighers

The automatic checkweigher is an efficient, intelligent and fast comprehensive solution. It is a device that automatically weighs and sorts out according to the weight level of the set product. It can perform the following inspections:

1. Detecting the weight of a single product: For example, in industries such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, there are standards for individual products. About these standards, you can determine whether the product is qualified by measuring the weight. The automatic checkweigher can dynamically detect the weight of the product and can quickly Respond to ensure product quality of different standards.

2. Number of tested products: single product is retail, multiple products are wholesale, and the sales standards are different. The packaging standards for products are different. There are restrictions on the packaging of boxes, bags and boxes. Missing customers will complain. If you want to guarantee the quantity of product packaging, you need to use a checkweigher, which can monitor the quantity of product packaging and remove bad products in time.

3. Product safety inspection: Regarding some electric appliances, they are composed of many parts, and one less part may have hidden safety hazards. This problem can be found by using a weighing machine to detect the weight of the product, which can avoid the hidden danger of defective products flowing into the market.

4. Product quality inspection: In the quality management system, qualified product weighing is one of the main standards for production quality requirements, and checkweighers are weighing equipment that checks whether the product weight is qualified to ensure product quality.

5. Testing product packaging accessories: Many products will be supplemented when packaging, such as food with desiccant, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics with instructions, beverages with straws, etc. If these accessories are missing, it will create unnecessary for users Trouble, some products may present security risks. The dynamic checkweighing machine can detect the weight of the product and can also detect whether the product lacks packaging accessories. Therefore, products with packaging accessories also need to be monitored with a checkweigher.

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