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On whether the weight classifier can be used in puffed food

Puffed food is a very popular snack. This snack is very easy to break. Pay attention to some problems when using food weight classifier.

1. In the product collector of each food weight classifier , buffers such as sponge foam can be placed.

2. Control the speed to avoid conflicts between the products. When the product enters the front section of the weight selection scale, it should be speeded up to increase the distance between the products to prevent the product from entering the weighing belt section.

3. Since these products are fragile themselves, attention should be paid to the equipment at the time of removal, and these products cannot be beaten or knocked; such as push rod and swing-arm removal equipment are not applicable here, use air blow Rejection equipment.

4. Fast and accurate weight sorting of all products, with accuracy reaching plus or minus 0.1g and speed reaching 150 pieces / minute, which can effectively deal with the weight sorting of puffed leisure food.

When the food weight classifier is used to sort puffed food, be careful not to break the food, which will waste it. The appearance of a food weight classifier saves a lot of labor, which is the product of technology.

Food Weight Grading Machine Features:

① Weigh accurately, with advanced and novel software and hardware, using microcomputer super chip from ADI Company in the United States;

② Convenient to use, advanced preset parameters, it is very convenient to change product specifications;

③ Simple operation, convenient investigation, LCD touch screen;

④ All data active statistics function, system parameters, formula parameters are set to password protection;

⑤The advanced patent weighing structure ensures the accuracy of dynamic weighing;

⑥ Built-in power filter, the circuit uses anti-interference design such as multi-level digital filtering;

⑦ Large-capacity ferroelectric memory, large-capacity recording test data, and save data;

⑧The use of detachable conveyor belt is convenient for disassembly and cleaning;

⑨ Severe high and low temperature experiments, anti-interference experiments to ensure that the appearance is accustomed to various messy field environments;

⑩ The unique vibration experiment simulates the mechanical vibration that may be present at the site, and is used to the harsh conditions of the site.

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