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Installation requirements for automatic weighing machine sensors

Automatic weighing system, also known as unattended weighing system, it can complete the weighing of multiple truck scales. The same car can be tare and gross weight on different truck scales. The utilization of truck scales. This system can automatically generate the measurement data into an Excel report according to the needs, and automatically transfer it to the computer of the designated department via the network. The speed of automatic weighing machine information collection is fast: the entire system can complete fast and accurate weighing, avoiding the phenomenon of queuing over balance, and increasing power.

First, the automatic weighing machine sensor can not exceed the set range, to prevent overload from forming damage to the automatic weighing machine sensor;

Second, the automatic weighing machine sensor is protected from rainwater after the device;

Third, when installing automatic weighing machine sensors, high-strength bolts should be used to secure the sensors;

Fourth, when two sensors are used, the two load points must be at the same level;

Fifth, the range of the automatic weighing machine sensor should be greater than 120% of the material component of the measuring section under the large flow of the automatic weighing machine. When using multiple sensors, the weight of each sensor should be the same, and the performance indicators are the same;

6. Depending on the site conditions, when a single load cell is selected, a suspension method is required for measurement, and the sensor is required to be on the center line of the weighing body and be straight.

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