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Do you know the advanced technology of weight sorting machine?

Many industries now use weight sorters. In order to operate weight sorters better and more conveniently, they need to be developed. Let's take a look at the advanced technologies of weight sorting machines.

I. Easy-to-use touch screen human-machine interface: Simple and advanced touch screen with intuitive and easy-to-use human-machine interface. The classification area is simple to configure and easy to operate, which can greatly reduce operator training time and costs.

Second, the speed is adjustable: the frequency conversion control motor is used, and the speed can be adjusted according to needs.

Third, high speed, high precision: The use of high-precision digital sensors, fast sampling speed and high accuracy.

4. Easy to protect: The conveyor belt is easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient to install and protect, and easy to clean.

Fifth, the sensitive and independent modular design is easy to integrate into the existing production line: the weight sorting scale has all the components installed at the time of delivery. After receiving the goods, you only need to assemble it and use it. The small area eliminates the need to design a large-scale production line from scratch. This can greatly reduce downtime, shorten project completion time, and significantly reduce costs.

The weight sorting machine is mainly used for automatic quality inspection and classification of products on the assembly line. It can also replace manual weighing to improve the production power and the consistency and reliability of weighing. Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, industrial manufacturing, printing, logistics and other industries. The following are the application fields and characteristics of the weight sorter.

The above is the advanced technology of weight sorting machine. I hope it can help us. Our company has been using the core technology of industry advancement to provide customers with a targeted and integrated weight sorting machine.

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