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What factors should pay attention to when using weight sorter

In addition to the accuracy of the weight sorter, its accuracy is also affected by environmental factors. The following environmental factors will affect the accuracy of the weight sorter.

1. Air activities, such as the fans, air conditioners, and wind blowers in the workshop, will affect the accuracy of the weight sorter. Air vibration. Due to the loud noise in the workshop, frequent machine operation causes air vibration, and even unevenness in the air in some workshops will affect the accuracy of the weight sorter.

2, temperature, ordinary high temperature, low temperature, humidity, extreme stability will also affect the accuracy of weight sorting scales. Under normal conditions, the suitable working environment of the weight sorter is -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity: 95% (non-condensing)

3. Static induction. When a charged object or dust approaches a metal object, static electricity will be generated. Of course, it will also cause interference and damage to sensitive weight sorters, so anti-static measures must be prepared in advance.

4, radio frequency interference, a variety of radio frequency interference weight sorting scales. Therefore, how to reduce and prevent such radio frequency interference is not only of theoretical significance but also of engineering value.

5. The product being tested is corrosive. Only a corrosive weight sorting machine can be customized. After careful communication with engineers in the early stage, what kind of material and process should be used to stop special disposal.

6. There is a missing phenomenon in the product. For example, the sealing of the packaging box is not tight enough to cause the missing. This small phenomenon will also affect the accuracy of the weight sorting scale.

7. Human application error, in which the improper use of the human during the consumption process has a great impact on the accuracy of the weight sorter, which will damage the weight sorter and easily damage the weight sensor.

The weight sorting machine is set at the back end of production lines such as production equipment and automatic packaging, and measures whether the products produced and tested products are mixed with metal debris to prevent the defective products from leaving the factory. The consumer analyzes and manages the measurement data to manage Production volume, the data guarantee value is fed back to the production equipment, through which the production equipment is controlled to prevent unnecessary material loss. If you want to know more about automatic weighing machine and automatic rechecking scale, welcome to pay attention to our official website!

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