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What to pay attention to when choosing a weight sorter

The weight sorting machine is mainly used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower line discrimination or weight classification selection on various automated packaging lines. When choosing a weight sorting machine, you must pay special attention to selecting the one that suits your product needs and provide the volume of the tested product. , Weight, speed on the assembly line, etc., can let the business recommend the appropriate model for you, the following introduces what you need to pay attention to when choosing a weight selection machine:

First, the function: whether it can fully meet the requirements, that is, the stability of other accuracy and speed;

2. Whether the weight sorting machine has been used in the market and has been verified. Some cheap but not sophisticated products mean that you have to pay a large purchase risk cost;

Third, after-sales service: simply know that other methods are not to look at the number of after-sales service and the factory clerk to brag, but to see whether the weight sorting machine is the main business of the manufacturer, not the main production product is generally not too much investment, especially the selection Small factories are even more stable.

The weight sorting machine is actually a dynamic scale. It can detect each product through the weight setting and automatically screen out products with unqualified weight. The weight sorting machine has a removal function. Many domestic food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, Daily chemical plants are in use.

The weight sorting machine manufacturer introduces the useful range of this machine: it is suitable for testing whether the individual weight of small weight items is qualified, such as the pharmaceutical health care industry to detect whether the tablet medicine is small or multiple; whether the powder bag medicine is lacking or multiple; Whether the weight of the liquid drug reaches the standard requirements; detection of missing drug accessories (such as imitations, desiccants, etc.).

The company's core technical team is composed of multiple engineers who specialize in the development of dynamic weighing technology. After years of research and development of dynamic weighing technology, it has rich practical experience and has provided overweight for many enterprises' automated checkweighing technology transformation projects. The solutions developed by the company are stable and beautiful, and have been unanimously approved by customers at home and abroad.

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