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What is an automatic checkweigher?

Automatic checkweigher is a kind of dynamic weighing equipment on the production line. It can pass through and detect the weight of each product, reject the unqualified products, and may be classified according to the size of the weight. Automatic checkweighers, also known as automatic weighing machines, component detectors or automatic sub-weighers. In the high-speed development process of dynamic weighing technology, the trend of high-precision, high-speed is caught in the direction of the main stream being developed.

Hengsheng checkweigher is suitable for the product of terminal inspection of packaging line, and provides a more economical solution for simple online checkweighing requirements. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy and strong equipment stability.

Automatic checkweigher is a dynamic weighing system in a high-speed production line. It can achieve high-precision component detection and automatically remove products that do not meet production requirements, such as being too light or heavy.

Some functional advantages of automatic checkweighers:

1. Demands are divided into products with different weights according to standards.

2. Adjust the filling volume through the checkweigher to reduce the waste of expensive products.

3, demand measurement and accounting and comment on the production efficiency of the production line.


4. Detect if the output product has missing parts to ensure product integrity.

5. It can detect if there are missing instructions, manuals and other necessary packaging in the product packaging. 6. Ensure that the product quality and net content meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

Automatic checkweigher is convenient for users to improve the packaging and filling process. Application range of automatic component sorter This product is suitable for the detection of large-volume and large-volume items, especially for the detection of missing items in the whole box.

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