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Application industry of automatic weighing machine

Automatic weighing machine, a device that dynamically weighs and detects products when the belt is running. It can identify whether the weight of the product meets the standards, sound and light alarms for products with abnormal weight, and automatically remove underweight, overweight and defective products from the assembly line, or Set the weight range to automatically sort products of different weight specifications into the corresponding weight grade area.

Shenzhen Topworld provides the following online weight inspection machine solutions for users worldwide:

1. Net content unqualified test: weight test of single product (bag, box, package, bottle, can, etc.);

2. FCL detection of missing pieces and multiple pieces: FCL / bag / bag products are underfilled and missing;

3. Missing detection of zero accessories: detection of missed installation and leakage of product manuals, accessories and accessories;

4. Automatic weight classification: according to the preset different weight ranges, the sorting section can automatically sort products of different weight specifications into the corresponding weight class area;

5. Integrated solution for weight detection and metal detection: mainly helps manufacturers detect non-conforming products such as net content of products, missing products, and products containing metal impurities, and automatically remove them.

Application industries: Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, hardware auto parts industry, printing industry, home appliance industry, electronic accessories industry, agricultural and sideline products industries and other major industries are widely used.

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The company's core technical team is composed of multiple engineers who specialize in the development of dynamic weighing technology. After years of research and development of dynamic weighing technology, it has rich practical experience and has provided overweight for many enterprises' automated checkweighing technology transformation projects. The solutions developed by the company are stable and beautiful, and have been unanimously approved by customers at home and abroad.

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