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Dynamic checkweigher manufacturers
Dynamic checkweigher manufacturers

TSC-10-B00X 304 stainless steel

‍ ‍ As we all know, the development of science and technology is very rapid, and many technological products have also been brought to all walks of life, and many technological products have now developed in the direction of automation. In order to allow us to understand more thoroughly, what we have today is an introduction to the characteristics and working principles of dynamic checkweighers. I hope we can have a new idea.

Features: The characteristic of the dynamic checkweigher is that the feeding barrel of the packaged material is set inside the bag maker, and the bag making and filling materials are performed vertically from top to bottom. The dynamic checkweigher is mainly composed of measuring equipment, transmission system, horizontal and vertical sealing equipment, shaper, filling tube and film pulling and feeding organization. The company also produces and operates weighing and rejecting machines, weighing sorting machines and other equipment. Customers in need are welcome to come to consult.

Working condition and principle: The roll film placed on the supporting equipment is passed through the guide stick group and the tensioning device, and the orientation of the trademark pattern on the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection and control device, and then rolled into a film cylinder by the shaper. Wrap the surface of the filling tube. Firstly, a longitudinal heat sealer is used to longitudinally heat seal the film at the interface portion rolled into a cylinder to obtain a sealed tube, and then the cylindrical film is moved to the horizontal heat sealer to perform horizontal sealing to form a packaging bag tube. The metered items are filled into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube using a measuring device, and then heat-sealed by a horizontal heat sealer and blocked in the center to form a packaging bag unit and the bottom seal of the next tubular bag.

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