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Checkweigher manufacturers
Checkweigher manufacturers

TSC-12-B00X 304 stainless steel

The checkweigher detects the weight data, the system automatically generates an EXCEL form, and stores it in the built-in memory of the checkweigher, which can be stored for about a week; the customer can export the data with a USB flash drive for backup within one week or via the Ethernet port Export the data to your computer's hard drive for backup walking data. Our company is developing data transmission via wireless wifi function, checking the checkweigher system data through long-distance function, performing system protection and troubleshooting, and improving after-sales service power.

The device is easy to replace: it can store multiple formulas, and it is convenient to switch product formulas;

Simple operation: using the Weilun color man-machine interface, intelligent and powerful, user-friendly design: self-diagnosis and prompt function of the touch screen can be clicked, which is convenient for users to protect on-site; the detection speed can be directly entered on the screen, without the need for complicated speed adjustment ; Chinese and English optional man-machine dialogue operation interface, you can operate without looking at the manual.

Two types of checkweighing, one is no photoelectric checkweighing, suitable for transparent and translucent packaging products, empty bags and empty boxes can be easily removed; one is photoelectric check, wide range of use, and basic products can be tested; if Customers who require automatic weighing and rejection machines can contact us by telephone for detailed consultation.

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