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Weight testing machine
Weight testing machine

TSC-20-B00X 304 stainless steel

equipment system has built-in factory parameter setting rehabilitation function, system fault detection function, IO port fault diagnosis, sensor fault diagnosis, communication diagnosis function, so that customers can quickly find the location of the fault point and quickly eliminate the fault; the important parameter changes have an alarm function In order to remind the on-site operators, the important parameters will not be disturbed or the weight parameters will be set incorrectly, which will cause the checkweighing failure of the machine and affect the production. The machine can customize several communication methods, can perform the Internet of Things function with the customer's ERP system, and include our checkweigher in the customer's ERP management system; can customize the following data transmission interfaces, RS232 / RS485 serial port Ethernet port and USB interface. Our company also produces weight sorting scales, and customers who need the equipment can consult in detail.

At the same time, the device uses the self-developed dynamic checkweighing data processing algorithm software, which processes the data quickly and accurately, and is suitable for the detection of various packaging products. The machine is highly intelligent during operation, and the secondary filtering function is specially designed, which greatly improves the filtering ability. , Which further improves the stability of the dynamic scale; and adopts the automatic zero-tracking algorithm, which can maintain the accuracy even if the checkweigher runs for a long time;

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