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Online weighing machine manufacturer
Online weighing machine manufacturer

TSC-08-B00X 304 stainless steel

‍ ‍ The online weighing machine will release the items that pass the test, use the alarm method for the unqualified items, or push out the conveyor belt by the sorting agency. The online weighing machine can replace the manual sampling test on the production line, and can test all passed items without exception. It is a very suitable measuring equipment to ensure the quality of the produced products.

Automatic checkweighers can be used to control the pass rate of finished packaging products, check whether the packaging weight meets the specifications, determine whether the number of items placed in the packaging box meets the requirements, automatically determine the weight of small packages of food and classify them, and can also be used to detect quantitative packaging The weight error of the packaging bag on the production line can also detect abnormal conditions in the previous processing steps of the mechanical processing production line, and then reject the non-conforming products or implement alarms to adjust the equipment in time and control the product quality.

Humanized removal method: air blowing type, suitable for light weight and small size products; swing type, suitable for products within 1kg; falling type, suitable for sheet and frivolous products; push type, application range Wide, suitable for most products; roller type selection, suitable for large and heavy products; slide guide type, unsealed products.

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