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Do you know what a checkweigher is?

What is a checkweigher?
Also known as weighing machine, automatic weighing machine, high-speed, high-precision weight detection on-line dynamic conditions, and automatically sort according to the parameter settings of the weight; depending on the set of different applications: sorting light or heavy products, Sort missing products and stop multi-level sorting according to different weight specifications. Multi-machine checkweighers reach up to 40 levels.
The basic criterion of checkweighers:
When positioned so as to pass through the front end of the photoelectric sensor, the upstream checkout belt is uniformly measured by the weight check of the product at equal distances, and the beginning of the product is introduced by the measurement checkout. During the measurement and delivery of the product, the unit weight (weight sensor) used to measure the product to the operation and display data is completed to the operating unit. The measurement data to be displayed and the automatic weight value of the computer are preset and sorted according to requirements. Various automatic storage information and various output.
Application of Checkweigher:
The weight tester is widely used in food and beverage, medicine and health care products, biotechnology, aquatic poultry, fruits and vegetables, plastics, electronics, hardware and other industries. It can detect the presence of overweight or underweight bias in packaging products online, and can reflect information to packaging equipment. At the same time, it can detect abnormal conditions such as packaged products such as bags, boxes, cans, bottles, or missing accessories, improving production quality and integrity, without being complained by users. Lack of weight detection-Detects products that are too light or overweight in the package, and tracks response information to other equipment in the pipeline to ensure that the net content of the product meets standard requirements, while saving costly data. Detection of missing parts in the entire box-detection of the loss of individual products in packages, boxes, bottles, cans, boxes and other products, such as loss of the entire box, loss of the entire bag, etc. Missing accessories detection-detection of missing accessories such as bags, boxes, bottles, cans, boxes, etc., such as clarification books, accessories, gifts, desiccants, etc.

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