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The composition of Tuosi Intelligent Technology's weight inspection machine

1. Weight inspection machine -base

The base is generally the basic structure of the equipment. A reasonable mechanism base design can make the equipment more robust, stable, and better maintain the equipment.

2. Weight inspection machine-electric box:

The electric box is mainly where the electrical components are located. This equipment is generally: LCD panel, control board, input and output wiring board, motor drive box, power supply, isolation, etc .:

3. One pallet of weight inspection machine

Measuring machines-generally have three sections, respectively:

a. The feeding section of the product is usually docked with the consumption line, and the speed matches the weighing section. b. Product weighing section, the more important mechanism on the weight testing machine, the central component.

c. Product sorting section, responding to the weight test results, such as selection, partitioning, rejection, etc.

4.Weight detection machine-auxiliary structure, such as guardrail, guard, guide, etc.

5.A sorting mechanism for weight inspection machine

The mechanism that responds to the results symmetrically, assumes blow, advance, slide, etc. respectively.

6. Weight checker-external equipment

Light alarm, printer, robotic arm, etc.

For example: When we set the qualified range of the product: the weight is between 50 ^ 52 grams, at this time there are 5 products coming from the assembly line, the weighing results are 51.2 grams, 53.8 grams, 55 grams, 51.7 grams, 52.8 grams . Then 51.2 grams and 51.7 grams are within the set range, and they are selected as qualified products, and according to the sorting speed of our equipment, the entire process will not exceed 5 seconds. And these weighed results can be printed and stored

Weight inspection machine performance characteristics:

1. Complete humanized touch and keyed human-computer interaction interface. The designer's well-designed iconic menu makes it easy for the operator to stop the various operations of the device without the need for a clarification book, so that the operator can maintain a smooth mood.

2. In practice, editing parameters and weight sorting can work concurrently, completing the user's complete editing of parameters without the need to suspend checkweighing.

3. The zero-point automatic tracking and processing system developed by Tuosi Intelligent ensures the high precision of the equipment.

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