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Instructions for using Checkweigher's automatic checkweigher

Shenzhen Tuoshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s automatic checkweigher is a weighing checkweighing device that can be connected to the assembly line. It can automatically weigh and detect products that fail in weight and remove them. It is a commonly used automatic weighing device; Automatic checkweigher built-in report statistics, the report can generate EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, U disk can store more than one year of statistical data, support consumption at any time.

Automatic checkweigher characteristics:

a. Standard SUS304 stainless steel body, suitable for various specifications of food and drug consumption

b. Quick belt changing system, easy cleaning of conveyor belt

c. High-precision imported sensors and motors to ensure the high accuracy and high speed of automatic checkweighers

d. A variety of common product presets; tedious product editing and storage functions.

e. High-speed product switching and automatic adjustment of sorting speed of corresponding products.

f. Color touch screen integrated control, one Chinese and English switch, easy and convenient operation

g. Complete the online function with the input and output of external equipment, which can suspend various controls

h. Automatic zero tracking technology

iU disk data storage, 2G-4G large-capacity storage of consumption data, and discontinued statistical functions such as histograms, moving averages, and standard deviations, so that customers can read and abort various consumption adjustments

Main functions of automatic checkweigher:

1) FCL detection: missing part detection, missing package detection, missing box detection, missing bottle detection, missing tank detection, missing bag detection, etc .;

2) Packing product underweight detection, overweight detection; missing detection of accessories in the package, such as clarifications, accessories, gifts, monotonous agents and other accessories.

Overview of checkweighers:

The automatic checkweigher adopts a continuous dynamic automatic weighing method to detect the weight of the item, and is equipped with an alarm or an automatic rejection mechanism to complete the non-stop weight detection on the assembly line. It is suitable for checking the shortage of packing materials in bags and cartons. The designed mechanical structure and operation interface are very convenient for user operation and data management statistics.

During use, the operator only needs to set the upper and lower limits of the tested item and then press the [Start] button, and the system will enter the self-opening working state. If the qualified product passes, the unqualified product will be alarmed or automatically rejected . At the same time, information such as quantity, speed, weight, product information and status graphics are displayed on the man-machine interface. This machine is used for packaging inspection to complete product inspection and delivery, and also achieves the effect of saving labor.

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