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What does an integrated checkweigher system look like?

With the rapid development of the automatic checkweigher industry, the automatic checkweigher has become a special device for food, pharmaceutical and other enterprises to measure the weight of products online. This testing equipment not only guarantees the accuracy of the product weight, reduces the consumption-type expense caused by the weight exceeding the specification value, but also advances the trust of the product in the minds of customers. With the increase in the number and effect of automatic checkweighers in the process of corporate consumption, the device has gradually shifted from a simple weight detection system to a weight detection system integration. Let ’s let us understand these integrated systems.

1. Combination of automatic checkweigher and metal detector

This combination is one of the most commonly used combinations in food companies. In this system, the metal detector is directly installed on the front conveyor of the automatic checkweigher and shares an automatic remover with the automatic checkweigher, which saves the investment of equipment costs. At the same time, the screen of the automatic checkweigher provides a control system to control the metal detector, so that weight detection and metal detection are completed under the same control screen, which effectively reduces repeated operations and advances work efficiency. This combination is particularly suitable for the needs of face-to-face consumer companies, such as: Tong--, Master Kong, Shenyang Nongshen and other large-scale face-to-face consumer companies.

2. Combination of automatic checkweigher, inkjet printer and labeling machine

The combination of automatic checkweigher and inkjet coding is especially suitable for meat product consumer enterprises, and the combination of automatic checkweigher and labeling machine is suitable for consumption of frozen food of sliced ​​meat products. Because the weight of meat products after cutting is different, a printer or labeler is combined at the back of the automatic checkweigher to directly print the weight of the product on the product packaging or printed label, which can effectively reduce repetition Operation, saving packaging costs for enterprises.

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