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Why choose a weight classifier?

The use of weight classifiers is becoming more and more common. Why are so many people choosing them?

One. Can ensure the quality of production. Every manufacturing enterprise has very high requirements for quality, which should not be ignored, especially the automated production lines. In the quality management system, whether the product is qualified or not is still eliminated. Stopping accurate and rapid weighing and check weighing and transmitting data to the computer to stop statistical analysis is one of the key functions of quality control.

Two. Cut labor costs for businesses. At the beginning and end of each year, the shortage of people in enterprises is more serious, especially in companies that operate purely manually. Nowadays, the era of automation, which originally required 20 people in the workshop, now only needs 5 people, and the product weight detection, all need to be equipped with multiple people to operate, but also more tired. Suppose there is a weight inspection machine on the production line to replace labor, everything is different.

three. Increase productivity. The speed of manual weighing is limited, and the accuracy is difficult to control. The weight detection machine can detect 310 times per minute, which is 10 times that of manual weighing, which significantly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Weight classifiers can help companies greatly improve the quality of their products and their image.

Weight classifier is a kind of high-precision online weighing equipment, which is a delicate instrument. In order to extend the service life, you need to pay attention to maintenance and support when using it.

1. Check whether there is contact at the front and back sections.

2. Set the parameters and confirm whether the setting of the standard value, upper limit and lower limit is correct.

3. The accuracy of the measurement, the same measuring product is conveyed from the auxiliary conveyor for more than 10 times, and it can be confirmed whether the fluctuation is large.

4. Test the range to confirm that only the main product is transferred, and then transfer the experimental tape on the main product (defective products are transferred when there is no experimental piece) to confirm "not tested" and "tested" respectively.

Only by doing a good job of supporting the weight classification machine can we stop the classification of food weight more effectively.

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