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What factors affect the price of weight inspection machines

I believe that all customers care about the quality of the weight inspection machine in the case of quality care, the price of weight inspection machine in the market is different, the difference is large. There are a small number of development-oriented enterprises that need the convenience of the weight inspection machine, but the purchase price is more caring, and they want to purchase suitable equipment at a low cost. What are the main factors in determining the price of the weight inspection machine? First of all, let's introduce the weight detection machine.

First, the composition and basic principle of the weight inspection machine

The weight testing machine is generally divided into three sections: speed matching section, weighing section, and removal section. The tested product flows into the first section of the testing machine's "speed matching section" through the conveyor line, and the products are sorted to separate the products from each other. Interval, the product then enters the second section, the weighing section.

Through the weighing section, the system automatically identifies the product, performs online weighing and displays the weight on the display screen. The weight of the measured product is compared with the weight value preset in the system preset to automatically distinguish qualified products, Underweight and overweight products. After the test is completed, it will be transferred to the next "remove section".

When the qualified product passes the removal section, there is no action to remove the section, and the product continues to be transported to the next process. When the underweight product and overweight product pass the removal section, the removal section cylinder acts to automatically remove the product to the unqualified Store.

The operation of the entire device can not lack a brain. The online weighing system is the brain of the entire weight detection machine, which controls the operation and movement of each segment. The online weighing system is the entire core location

Second, how to choose a weight inspection machine

The quality of the weight testing machine is very important, and the main components that affect the quality are: online weighing system, weight testing machine related equipment, structural design, after-sales service, after-sales service is generally easy to be ignored by customers, which is very important. A good product cannot do without these elements.

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