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Take everyone to understand what levels of weighing sorter

Do you know the weighing sorter can be divided into several levels? Today I am here to answer your questions.

Weighing and sorting machines are mechanical equipment that classifies products according to different weight ranges. The level of the weight classifier can be customized according to the requirements, usually at least three levels.

Weighing and sorting machines are widely used in ideal life, such as aquatic product processing industry, slaughter processing industry, poultry processing industry and other industries. For example, from the product selection, there are chicken legs, duck legs, chicken wings, whole chicken, frozen beef steak, pig head, abalone, sea cucumber, bundled crab and other products.

Society is expanding too fast, technology is unfolding from time to time, and the division of labor is getting finer and finer. Due to the high labor intensity and excessive fatigue of the staff at the consumption line, the classification is not accurate enough, and the treatment is unfair. The use of weighing and sorting machines can't wait. The equipment works for more than 12 hours, the sorting speed is very fast, the sorting accuracy is very high, and it is quite manual comparison. The advantage is that it saves time and labor, and generates huge economic benefits.

Weighing and sorting machine can also optimize enterprise consumption management, real-time display of consumption data such as product number, individual product weight, total weight, uniform value, qualified number, unqualified number, etc., and complete consumption control, material cost control room, increase profits , Indirectly improving the brand's credibility.

With the continuous development of technology, the domestic and foreign weight detection technology is comparable. The government's support for high-tech technology will improve accuracy and speed from time to time, and researchers need to explore from time to time.

The advent of weighing and sorting machines replaced many manual labors. At the same time, using this machine to stop the classification not only improves the efficiency of the work, but also improves the accuracy of the sorted products.

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