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Application effect of weight sorter in beverage production industry

What is the qualified test plan for online inspection of cans by weight sorter?

The hot summer is the peak season for beverages. Many demand causes various beverage manufacturers to start a lot of production. Manual testing of beverages is not feasible and the power is low, because the packaging method for cans is the pull ring plan. It has been used in beer, green tea, black tea, sprite, Coca-Cola is widely used.

As we all know, cans are opaque. It is impossible to tell whether the beverage is full by visual inspection. Zui's good solution is to use Fengling's active weight sorter to test online. The equipment is analyzed by the weight of the can. If the weight does not reach If you pre-determine the target value, the unqualified products will be automatically removed. Compared with the manual, the power is high, reducing manual errors and supplying production power.

Can the sorting speed of the weight sorter reach the speed of the production line? Most manufacturers require that the speed can reach about 120 times per minute, and Feng Ling's weight selection machine can meet this speed, and can even reach 200 times per minute.

What is the working principle of the weight sorter?

As the name suggests, the principle of work is to choose by weight. Weigh online and pass the end of the production line. Failures will be eliminated.

It can be seen that this device is very powerful, and can detect whether the weight of the can is qualified, and use it with peace of mind, so that more consumers are satisfied.

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