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What are the main use ranges of automatic checkweighers?

Automatic checkweigher is a kind of dynamic weighing equipment on the production line. It can pass and detect the weight of each product, remove the unqualified products, and maybe classify them according to the size of the weight. Automatic checkweighers, also known as automatic weighing machines, component detectors or automatic sub-weighers. During the rapid development of dynamic weighing technology, the mainstream direction of development is seized, and the trend of high precision and high speed.

Tops Checkweigher is suitable for products in the process of packaging line terminal inspection. It provides a more economical solution for simple online checkweighing requirements. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy and strong equipment stability.

Automatic checkweighers are suitable for automatic component detection, upper and lower limit discrimination, or component classification selection on various automated assembly lines and logistics transportation systems, such as automatic checkweighing of various boxed drugs, manual re-checking of missing and repeated instructions, and overweight and underweight detection of products. FCL inspection (missing part detection, missing package detection, missing box detection, missing bottle detection, missing tank detection, missing bag detection) packaging product underweight detection, overweight detection, missing detection of packaging accessories, such as instructions, accessories, gifts, Desiccant and other accessories.

The automatic checkweigher can also be used for automatic classification of components in factory production lines and continuous packaging lines. It is suitable for seafood, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, frozen food, etc.

Automatic checkweighers are used in the online inspection of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, toys, hardware, chemical and other industries. In addition, automatic checkweighers can directly replace manual weighing, thereby improving production power and weighing consistency and reliability. . The company's core technical team is composed of multiple engineers who specialize in the development of dynamic weighing technology. After years of research and development of dynamic weighing technology, it has rich practical experience and has provided overweight for many enterprises' automated checkweighing technology transformation projects. Personal solution

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