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What problems will occur when the weight inspection machine is applied

Weighing machine is a kind of weighing equipment used in industry, agriculture, food and other industries. It can help manufacturers produce qualified products more quickly. However, some problems will occasionally occur during use. Let's learn and deal with the staff of Sifang Packaging below.

When the weight detection machine shows no weight during the operation, you can check whether the relevant joints of the sensor are loose, handle and restart the device in time, and perform the corresponding initialization calibration. If the weighing value is unstable and there is a large jump, we can see if there is debris on the weighing tray of the weighing machine, or if the detection residue is missing. If not, we can see if the sensor is affected by other objects. influences. It should be noted that to ensure stable weighing, we should regularly check around the weighing tray and clean up the debris in time.

In addition, when using the weight detection machine, there may sometimes be problems that the weight appears unstable but cannot be reset after the machine is started. This may be due to the influence of wind elements in the environment or the debris holding the pallet. However, if the weight base on the display screen is large after the device is turned on, it may be caused by the device being wet, and the device can recover after waiting for a period of time.

The above are some of the problems and handling methods of the weight detection machine in the process of use. If you have more questions, please contact Shenzhen Tuoshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. We will provide you with more processing solutions. The company's core technical team is composed of multiple engineers who specialize in the development of dynamic weighing technology. After years of research and development of dynamic weighing technology, it has rich practical experience and has provided overweight for many enterprises' automated checkweighing technology transformation projects. The solutions developed by the company are stable and beautiful, and have been unanimously approved by customers at home and abroad.

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