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Setting method of checkweigher set value

The checkweigher used for component inspection needs to set the target weight and limit value of the product to be weighed, so as to obtain the weight zone in order to qualify the product according to the weight of the product, Sorting of non-conforming products.

The checkweigher generally used for component inspection is set according to the three-component partition or the five-component partition. Wang Wenshengyi, the three-component partition and the five-component partition are separated by three component partitions and five component partitions.

Setting of policy component value:

The amount marked on the product packaging is the amount paid by the consumer of the product. It is usually called the "label amount". Under normal conditions, except for the tare weight, it is necessary to set the value of the policy component equal to or slightly higher than the label amount. Ensure that the uniform quantity of the same batch of products is not lower than the label quantity, so as to meet the requirements of relevant regulations on product packaging. The quantity of a batch of products whose uniform component exceeds the label component is called "overfill," which is the part of the product that the manufacturer pays more to the user. The amount of the policy component that exceeds the label component determines the product. The number of "overfills" should be set steadily. If after testing, the component data of the feeding equipment product packaging is close to the normal distribution of the ambition, and the feeding amount of the feeding equipment does not change much, it is recommended to confirm by the label component (add the product tare value) and double the standard deviation of the checkweigher. The value of the policy component. In the actual application process, if you feel that the value of the policy component is not correct, you can also adjust it within a small range according to the site conditions.

If the control accuracy of the feeding amount of the feeding equipment is high, and the change of the feeding amount is small, the standard deviation value of the checkweigher is also small, and the difference between the target component value set higher than the label component and the product tare value is smaller.

Limit value setting method:

1. Press the promised shortage setting

2. Set by tolerance value

3. Set according to site operating conditions

The checkweigher used for component inspection must set the set value before commissioning, which is related to the normal operation of the checkweigher and also to reducing the overfilling and improving the economic benefits of the enterprise, so it should be inspected. Heavy scale operation protects the attention of personnel.

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