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Talking about the correct use of weight detection machine

The weight testing machine produced by Shenzhen Topex Intelligent has a corresponding instruction manual and relevant precautions for each machine leaving the factory, and there will be professional staff to come to provide technical guidance and product training services.

If you want to better use the weight inspection machine and extend its service life, the following aspects must be done:

1. Strictly follow the instruction manual provided by the weight inspection machine manufacturer. If you don't understand, please contact the manufacturer's designated technical staff to give you specific answers.

2. Select the appropriate operator. The user must be trained and the responsibilities (operation, preparation, repair) must be clear.

3. Before use, check whether the hardware and electronic components of the weighing machine are loose. If it is loose, please contact a professional technician to reset it.

4. Regularly perform routine protection and maintenance work on the weight detection machine, and perform care after scrubbing, cleaning, smoothing, adjustment and other methods to maintain and protect the performance of the equipment.

5. Regularly test the accuracy of the weight detector to determine whether the weighing equipment can be used normally. Without accurate testing, the accuracy of the product may be banned in the process of weight inspection, causing unnecessary loss to the enterprise.

The weight tester has the characteristics of automatic detection, automatic rejection, automatic zero clearing, automatic accumulation, out-of-tolerance alarm, and green light release. It is easy to operate, easy to use, and durable. It is widely used in food, beverages, daily chemicals, hardware, condiments, Detergents, liquid detergents, and other industries can detect products such as cartons, plastic bags, bottles, cans, etc., to ensure that unqualified products such as underfilling, missing packaging, and insufficient weight cannot pass. It can be said that all products undergo weight inspection. Where quality problems can be found, this machine is suitable for use.

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