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Combined application of automatic checkweigher

Automatic checkweigher is a special equipment used by food and pharmaceutical companies for online detection of product components. This testing equipment not only ensures the accuracy of product weight, reduces the bad production type caused by the weight exceeding the specification value, but also improves the trust of customers in the product. With the increase in the number and role of automatic checkweighers in the production process of the enterprise, the device has gradually shifted from a simple component detection to a component detection system integration. These integration systems are:
Combination of checkweigher and metal detector This combination is one of the more commonly used combinations in food companies. In this system, the metal detector is directly installed on the conveyor in front of the automatic checkweigher and shares an automatic remover with the automatic checkweigher, which saves investment in equipment costs. At the same time, the screen supply control system of the automatic checkweigher controls the metal detector, so that the component detection and metal detection are completed under the same control screen, which effectively reduces repeated operations and improves work efficiency. This type of combination is particularly popular with instant noodle manufacturers.
The combination of automatic checkweigher with inkjet printer and labeling machine The combination of automatic checkweigher with inkjet printer and labeling machine is especially suitable for meat products production enterprises, and the combination of automatic checkweigher and labeling machine is suitable for fast cutting meat products Production of frozen food. Because the weight of meat products after cutting is different, the combination of a printer or a labeling machine at the back of the automatic checkweigher can directly print the weight of the product on the product packaging or printed label, which can effectively reduce Repeated operations can save packaging costs for enterprises.
Combination of automatic checkweigher and packaging machine This combination is based on the feedback control system of automatic checkweigher, and thus achieves the intention of directly controlling the front-end packaging machine by the automatic checkweigher. The advantage of this type of combination is that the accuracy of the packaging machine feeding can be continuously adjusted online, which is useful to prevent the loss caused by the packaging machine's filling volume that must be stopped after the adjustment.
The combination of automatic checkweigher and bar code reader is one of the better solutions when the user company continuously increases the production line and refuses to purchase a new automatic checkweigher. This combination is based on the random weighing system of an automatic checkweigher, which can detect different products on one automatic checkweigher. Assume that you have three production lines, and the standard weight of each product is 200g, 500g, 700g, and the upper and lower limits of the components are set to ± 20g. The order of the three production lines through the automatic checkweigher is 200g, 500g, 700g, 700g, 500g, 200g or various random orders. At this moment, the automatic checkweigher can automatically adjust the standard component and the upper and lower limits and make a correct judgment. However, this system has its limitations that cannot be prevented, when the product weight difference is not very large (for example: the standard weight of the product is 200g, the standard weight of another product is 180g, and the upper and lower limits of the product weight are set to ± 20g), The automatic checkweigher cannot make a correct judgment. In this situation, the automatic checkweigher needs to be equipped with a bar code reader. The bar code reader provides the product's standard component and the upper and lower limits of the product component, so that the automatic checkweigher can make a judgment. At present, this type of combination has broken through the field of food production and has been widely used in other production fields.

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