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Sharing tips for maintenance of weight checker

With the continuous upgrading of products, some of the machinery and equipment we use now have been used for a long time, so sometimes some equipment wears out, so it is important to do relevant protection and maintenance. Today, the small editor of Shenzhen Topworld Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. tells us about the protection and maintenance of weight detection machines.

1. Regularly check the weight testing machine equipment, generally need to check every month. Check whether the weight inspection machine can run flexibly and wear and tear, if any defects are found, repair them immediately.

2. When using the weight of the weighing machine, it is necessary to adjust the errors allowed by the weight testing in advance, and arrange the debris and dirt on the weighing machine in time to avoid affecting its accuracy.

3. After the weight inspection machine is used, it needs to be cleared, and then the equipment is cleaned and placed in a clean, dry and cool place, and it cannot be placed in the atmosphere containing acids and other corrosive to the weight inspection machine. Place for gas circulation.

The weight inspection machine can recheck the weight of the product at the end of the production process, and at the same time eliminate the unqualified products to ensure the important requirements of the product. This will not only reduce the process of repeated inspections by manufacturers, but also reduce errors in production weight. At the same time, it will prevent consumers from complaining about shortfalls and build an outstanding brand image. The weight inspection machine can also output the difference between the average weight of the product and the standard weight to the connected packaging and filling equipment, so that the filling equipment can automatically adjust the average weight to the required weight standard, and then reduce the production cost

The protection and maintenance of the weight testing machine is very important. I hope that the protection and maintenance knowledge of the weight testing machine explained by the above editor will help us to perform better maintenance. If we want to learn more about the weight testing machine, please feel free to pay attention to us Make a query.

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