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What value can a weight checker bring to everyone

The weight tester is mainly used in the automatic weight detection and classification of products in the production line, and automatically sorts according to the set weight range to ensure product quality. Because of its various characteristics and advantages, it has brought greater use value to everyone. Let's take a look at the editor of Tuoshi Intelligence below!

Traditional manual sorting requires workers to use electronic scales to continuously put products into the weighing, which is not only extremely inefficient, but also easily generates errors, and the weight detection machine can solve this problem very well, and achieve efficient and effective operation. Accurate, replace labor together, can be used for a long time after one investment, saving a lot of cost. In addition, the weight detection machine has a strong data storage system, which can store the data of the items sorted and tested during the production process to the host computer, and query in real time, which is convenient for production management. Together, the device can be connected to a variety of devices such as printers to achieve integrated management requirements.

The weight testing machine is easy to install. After purchase, it is placed directly in the production line and docked with it, and it can be used. The operation is simple and the use value is better. When the weight detection machine has no weight display during operation, you can check whether the relevant joints of the sensor are loose, handle and restart the device in time, and perform the corresponding initialization calibration. If the weighing value is unstable and there is a large fluctuation, we can see if there is any debris on the weighing tray of the weighing machine, or if the detection residue is missing. If not, we can see if the sensor is exposed to other objects. Impact. It should be noted that, to ensure stable weighing, we should regularly check around the weighing tray and clean up the debris in time.

In addition, when using the weight detection machine, sometimes the problem that the weight display is unstable but cannot be reset after starting the machine may sometimes appear. This may be due to the influence of wind elements in the environment or the debris holding the pallet. However, if the weight base on the display is large after the device is turned on, it may be caused by the device being wet, and it can be restored after waiting for a period of time after the device is turned on.

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