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What factors affect the accuracy of a weight sorter

The weight sorting machine is an automatic weighing machine that weighs pre-assembled classified products or individual products of loose items. Among them, the automatic weight sorting function is also used for the automatic weight sorting function. The technology development of China's weight sorter products is relatively late.

There are two types of sorting machine detection targets, one is pre-packaged products and the other is unpackaged items. The sorting machine is generally used in the product production line, installed after the gravity or volumetric automatic filling machine or filling machine, used for weight sorting and rejecting preset non-conforming products, or for weighed items Grading by weight sorting. The weighing accuracy of this machine is higher than that of gravity-type automatic loading scale, and the sorting machine of the same level is 15 times higher than the packaging scale. Looking forward to the recent technological developments of our automatic sorting scale products are as follows:

Because the weight sorting machine products are used in the online quality inspection line of packaging logistics, in order to achieve high production efficiency, the new sorting machine products of zui have been developed in an intelligent direction, targeting different sizes and measuring speeds of items , Can complete the functions of automatic adjustment and self-diagnosis.

What are the reasons that generally affect the accuracy of a weight sorter? Here to tell you about this problem, many friends do not understand the problem, but this needs our attention.

There are 8 main reasons that affect the accuracy of the weight sorter:

1. Air activities, such as the fans, air conditioners, and wind blowers in the workshop, will affect the accuracy of the automatic weighing machine.

Second, the ground is sensation, because the workshop is noisy, the machine frequently causes the ground to sensation, and even the unevenness of the ground in some workshops will affect the accuracy of the automatic weighing machine.

Third, the temperature, generally high temperature, low temperature, humidity, extreme stability will also affect the accuracy of the automatic weighing machine. In general, the suitable working environment for automatic weighing machines is -5-40 degrees Celsius, relative humidity: 95% (non-condensing)

4. Static induction, static electricity may occur when charged objects are close to metal objects. Of course, it will disturb or even damage sensitive automatic weighing machines, so anti-static measures must be prepared in advance.

Fifth, radio frequency disturbance, all kinds of radio frequency disturbance automatic weighing machine. Therefore, how to reduce and prevent such radio frequency disturbances has not only theoretical meaning but also engineering value.

Sixth, the tested product is corrosive. It can only be customized with a corrosive automatic weighing machine. Through detailed communication with engineers in the early stage, what kind of material and process are used for special treatment.

7. The product is missing. For example, the packing box is not tightly sealed, which leads to the loss. This small phenomenon will also have a certain impact on accuracy.

Eighth, human use error, in which the artificial use of improper use in the production process has a great impact on the accuracy of the automatic weighing machine, and may even damage the automatic checkweigher, which simply damages the load cell.

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