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Product advantages of checkweighers

The special checkweighing instrument has been based on the professional application of dynamic checkweighing from the beginning of research and development, so it has an inherent advantage, especially in the algorithm and hardware, it has stopped the professional optimization, and the response is fast and accurate. ,reliable. Especially good at high-speed, high-precision checkweighing places.

Fundamental checkweighing instruments, such as the Japanese unipulse F741-C and F701-P, fall into this category. This type of instrument is moderately priced, has a simple control IO port, and has basic communication functions. For example, the F701-P comes standard with a 485 port that supports the MODBUS protocol. The F741-C can be equipped with Siemens PLC high-speed Profibus-DP interface. Optional other communication ports are sufficient for common checkweighing scenarios.

Checkweighing control instruments, such as F805AT-CK and F650-CK from Unipulse, Japan. Related to the basic type, these meters have more powerful functions and rich communication interfaces. At high speed and high accuracy, the equipment can rely on the characteristics of its dedicated instrument to make the equipment more efficient and stable. Because the special checkweighing is a professional instrument, its functional design can cover most application scenarios, so this greatly reduces the workload of designers and technicians, reduces technical difficulty, and greatly shortens the new equipment. R & D and commissioning cycle. The key is to rely on its own professional disposal algorithms and related hardware, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the system, which is beyond the skill of ordinary technicians.

The company's central technical team is composed of a number of engineers who specialize in developing weighing technology. After years of research and development of dynamic weighing technology, it has rich theoretical experience and has provided automation checkweighing technology transformation projects for many enterprises. Tailor-made treatment plan; R & D products are stable and beautiful, and have been recognized by customers at home and abroad.

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