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How to Intact Transport Checkweigher Equipment

Shenzhen Tuoshi Intelligent Technology Online Checkweigher is a non-standard customized equipment. It is transported in a special wooden packing box, which is packed by professionals, and a technician is assigned to come to the site to debug and operate the device. If the online checkweigher needs to be moved or transported again during use, we need to pay attention to the following points to ensure that the checkweigher can move intact.

1. Use a special wooden packing box for packing. When placing the product in the wooden box, it should be stable and fastened. It should be fixed in the packing box with bolts and must not be moved. Do not open the checkweigher until it arrives at the device address, as the crate will maintain it.

2. During the transportation of the online checkweigher, the sensor maintenance device must be in a reliable maintenance state. After the device is completed, the maintenance device can be released.

3. The weighing conveyor is packaged separately. It must be fixed with screws. After arriving at the working address, loosen the fixing screws.

4. When using a truck or similar vehicle with a lifting platform for transportation, the upper part of the checkweigher must be held by one person (two are better) to avoid tilting.

5. When transporting online checkweighers without packaging, please fix the checkweigher's support (such as the middle rack or the instrument's support) to prevent the checkweigher from tilting.

6. It is forbidden to fix the conveyor belt (such as weighing conveyor belt, input conveyor belt or output conveyor belt) or the motor of the conveyor belt.

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