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How to deal with the problem of unstable weight displayed on the automatic weighing machine

We have all heard of the automatic weighing machine. It is a machine that checks whether the weight of the product is qualified, and it can also reject unqualified products, which improves the qualification rate of the product. Today, Shenzhen Topworld Intelligence asked us to talk about the problem of the unstable weight of the automatic weighing machine, hoping to help us solve the problem.

It is actually a normal phenomenon that the weight displayed by the automatic weighing machine jumps up and down. The working principle of the automatic weighing machine is that when the product passes the weight detection platform, the weight sensor transmits the weight sensed to the AD converter as an analog signal, and then It is transmitted to the system by the AD converter, and the system transmits it to the displayer. Because precision weighing machines are all high-precision weight sensors, the weight sensors are very sensitive to everything from the outside, including wind blowing, air flow, etc., so the weight of the automatic weighing machine is usually 0.1 ~ 0.2. g is normal. However, if the weight of the monitor jumps up and down to 1g or even higher, it is abnormal and needs to be stopped for inspection.

The automatic weighing and sorting machine makes fast and accurate calculations on the target weight, and controls the conveyor belt to automatically transport the measured items to the corresponding category area. The development and application of a multi-stage weight sorting machine successfully solved the disadvantages of high operation error rate and low production efficiency in the process of classifying production processes for the above industries, improving production efficiency for enterprises and greatly reducing the operation of workers. Intensity and keep workers away from working environments that may endanger physical health.

When the scale of the automatic weighing machine's weight is too large, the machine will stop and check. Generally, you need to check the items:

1.Check for dust on the sensor;

2.Check if there is any object against the tray;

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