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Advantages and precautions of automatic weighing machine

Advantages and precautions of automatic weighing machine:

1. The system has built-in factory parameter setting rehabilitation function, system fault detection function, IO port fault diagnosis, sensor fault diagnosis, communication diagnosis function, so that customers can quickly find the location of the fault point and quickly eliminate the fault;

2. The important parameter changes are provided with an alarm function to remind the on-site operators that they will not confuse important parameters and may set the component parameters by mistake, which will cause the checkweighing failure of the machine and affect production.

3. The self-developed dynamic checkweighing data processing algorithm software is used to process the data quickly and accurately, which is suitable for the detection of various packaging products;

4. The machine operates intelligently, and the secondary filtering function is specially designed, which greatly improves the filtering ability and further improves the stability of the dynamic scale;

5. The automatic zero-tracking algorithm is selected to maintain the accuracy even if the checkweigher runs for a long time;

6. Two check weighing modes, one is no photoelectric check, suitable for transparent and translucent packaging products, empty bags and empty boxes can be easily removed; one has photoelectric detection, a wide range of use, and all products can be detected ;

7. Humanized rejection method: air blowing type, suitable for light weight and small volume products; swing type, suitable for products within 1kg; falling type, suitable for flake and frivolous products; push type, use Wide scale, suitable for most products; roller selection, suitable for large and heavy products; slide guide type, unsealed products.

Application industries: Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, hardware auto parts industry, printing industry, home appliance industry, electronic accessories industry, agricultural and sideline products industries and other major industries are widely used.

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