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Weight testing machine
Weight testing machine

TSC-05-B00X material 304 stainless steel

‍ ‍ (1) Built-in data storage, develop wifi data transmission function

The checkweigher detects the component data, the system automatically generates an EXCEL form, and stores it on the built-in memory of the checkweigher, which can be stored for about a week; the customer can export the data to a U disk for backup within a week or via Ethernet Port to export data to computer hard disk for data backup.

Our company is developing data transmission via wireless wifi function, checking the checkweigher system data through remote function, performing system maintenance and troubleshooting, and improving after-sales service efficiency.

(2) System maintenance is convenient and quick

1. The system has built-in factory parameter setting rehabilitation function, system fault detection function, IO port fault diagnosis, sensor fault diagnosis, communication diagnosis function, so that customers can quickly find the location of the fault point and quickly eliminate the fault;

2. The important parameter changes are provided with an alarm function to remind the on-site operators that they will not confuse important parameters and may set the component parameters by mistake, which will cause the checkweighing failure of the machine and affect production.

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