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Weight sorting machine
Weight sorting machine

TSC-03-B00X 304 stainless steel

‍ ‍ The weight sorter is a kind of medium-low-speed, high-precision packaging production line product check and sorting equipment, which can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems. It is mainly used to check whether the product weight is qualified online. Substandard products are separated.

The international advanced digital weighing unit is selected to achieve high-speed and stable measurement.

Patented weighing frame structure ensures accurate and stable LCD display touch screen operating system and Chinese and English operation interface during dynamic work, which is convenient and easy to learn;

Powerful data calculation function, recording the inspection data of each shift;

Selection of detachable conveyor belt for convenient maintenance;

Five weights of standard weight can store 10 sets of product data preset mode.

It is mainly used for automatic weight detection, online and offline discrimination, or weight classification machine selection in various automated packaging lines. It is widely used in online high-speed packaging checkweighing applications in the pharmaceutical, food, health care, daily chemical, battery, and light industry industries. The packaged products are weighed by the checkweigher and returned to the original conveyor belt if they are qualified. The unqualified products are removed (or alarmed and stopped), and the products are classified and calculated according to the settings, and the feedback signal is automatically adjusted. , Text display fault alarm information, a variety of graphic calculations and other functions.

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