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Multi-stage sorting scale
Multi-stage sorting scale

TSC-06-B00X 304 stainless steel

-level sorting scales, sorting scales, food weight testing machines, mainly used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower line discrimination or weight classification selection in various automated packaging lines, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, daily chemical, Online high-speed packaging checkweighing for battery, light industry and other industries.

Reinforced stainless steel frame, fully waterproof design

All touch parts are made of food-grade materials to ensure that the product is not contaminated

Using high-precision sensors, high-speed digital signal processing technology

Dynamic weight automatic compensation technology, zero point automatic analysis and tracking technology

Fast product switching and automatic adjustment of sorting speed of corresponding products

USB mass storage, inspection records can be consulted at any time

Intuitive, easy-to-use human-machine interface reduces operator training time and costs

The purpose of this product is to set the weight sorter at the back end of production lines such as production equipment and automatic packaging, and measure whether the products produced by it and test products are mixed with metal debris, prevent the shipment of defective products, and protect consumers. The measured data is used to manage the production volume, and the guaranteed value of the data is fed back to the production equipment. This is the equipment that controls the production equipment to prevent unnecessary loss of raw materials. If you want to know more about automatic weighing machine and automatic rechecking scale, welcome to pay attention to our official website!

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