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TSC-01-B00X 304 stainless steel

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ (1) Friendly interface, easy to understand

1. The main interface image display: product name, segmented component, qualified component, overweight, underweight, abnormal, various standard statistical components and other information;

2, easy to replace: can store a variety of formulas, switch product formula is convenient;

3.Easy operation: The colorful human-machine interface of Willen is used, with powerful intelligent functions and user-friendly design: The self-diagnosis and prompt function of the touch screen can be clicked to facilitate the user on-site maintenance; the detection speed can be directly entered on the screen, without any tedious Speed ​​adjustment; Chinese-English optional man-machine dialogue operation interface, can be operated without looking at the manual.

(2) Communication methods, various customizations

1. The machine can customize several communication methods, can perform the Internet of Things function with the customer's ERP system, and include our checkweigher in the customer's ERP management system;

2. The following data transmission interfaces can be customized, RS232 / RS485 serial port or Ethernet port and USB interface.

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