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Online weighing machine
Online weighing machine

TSC-04-B00X 304 stainless steel

Product description: Dynamic checkweigher manufacturers, online weighing machines, weight checkers , online checkweighers

1. Precision design, excellent performance

1. The self-developed dynamic checkweighing data processing algorithm software is used to process the data quickly and accurately, which is suitable for the detection of various packaging products;

2. The machine runs intelligently, and the secondary filtering function is specially designed, which greatly improves the filtering ability and further improves the stability of the dynamic scale;

3. The automatic zero-tracking algorithm is used to maintain the accuracy even if the checkweigher runs for a long time;

4. Two check weighing modes, one is no photoelectric check, suitable for transparent and translucent packaging products, empty bags and empty boxes can be easily removed; one has photoelectric detection, a wide range of use, and all products can be detected ;

5. Humanized rejection method: air blow type, suitable for light weight and small volume products; swing type, suitable for products within 1kg; falling type, suitable for flake and frivolous products; push type, use Wide scale, suitable for most products; roller selection, suitable for large and heavy products; slide guide type, unsealed products.

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