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Weight detection scale
Weight detection scale

TSC-09-B00X 304 stainless steel

‍ ‍ Weight detection scales are also called: weight detection scales, gravimetric machines, weight sorting scales, automatic weighing and sorting machines. It is a high-speed, high-precision online weight detection device that can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems. It is mainly used for online detection of product weight compliance, whether there are missing parts in the package or product weight storage.

Online checkweighing has gradually become an indispensable link in modern industrial production, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The online weight tester completes the measurement of the product weight during the transportation of the product, and compares the measured weight with the preset scale. The controller announces the instruction to remove the products with unqualified weight or to remove the products with different weight Products are delivered to designated areas.

In addition to providing the weight signal of the product, the automatic weight tester can reject the unqualified products, and can output a feedback signal to the packaging and filling equipment according to the difference between the uniform weight and the nominal weight. The uniform weight is automatically adjusted to make it common with the set weight. , Thereby reducing production costs.

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